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Good to know that it worked for someone else as well! Doug Livesey May 3rd, But that may also kill some kittens… Good luck. Loki May 7th, Hey thnx million times. I really appreciate that. Mike May 9th, I ave done this on my 5. Alex May 11th, The errors: Thanks guys. Hi, I have the same issue apart from that my macbook 5,1 never boot, it just has black screen.

Juan May 14th, When I tried to do so I got an error: To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort. In theory it should work without a problem if you booted from the external drive. Juan May 20th, Phil May 30th, Took me a while to find this, but others might find it helpful — a link to a list of model identifiers and which firmware update goes with each, to help you determine the correct one to download: Jurry June 12th, Hi all, Just wanted to let you know this worked for me, but in a different way.

Many thanks to pubmem!!! Chris June 19th, Hi, I have exactly the same problem but with a Macbook 6. Good luck. Jack July 21st, Matt July 4th, Do you have anyway of making a donation for your awesome instruction? Tree July 5th, Olyphant July 16th, Kasper July 19th, Thanks a lot man!

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Luc July 21st, Peter Mostoff August 5th, I really need to get this fixed! Edson August 25th, Edson August 27th, I have a bootcamp partition, the mod partition table because of that is a problem? I have the same MacBook 5,1. But I always got this on terminal: I ready solve it… thanks…. I ready solve it… thanks… How? Please share your solution with us…. Thanks a lot…. Simon September 11th, Worked great! But… I had to completely format my disk because after installing ubuntu Narek February 12th, Hi Simon, I have a similar issue that you have.

Scap man September 12th, Leon September 18th, Good to know it works under Lion as well. Adi September 27th, Hi Guys, I have the same problem. Thom thomkaufmann October 13th, Adi October 15th, John October 7th, MartinMac October 16th, Timo Rongas Ronksu October 19th, Adding my thanks to the list.

Worked perfectly with my Macbook Pro 5,5. Tommy Brown November 21st, Ryan November 26th, Peo November 30th, Peo December 3rd, Peo December 5th, Peo December 7th, Thanks for the info. My mac is doing the same thing! I dont understand what to use. Would you type the script in from the command line in terminal or command-s when you start up.

Victor Deleau February 3rd, I ready solve it… thanks… Hi!

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Could you say me how did you fix it? Larry February 19th, The command goes well. What am I missing. Vinhidalgo February 27th, These are my results from Terminal: This worked perfectly for me, thank you very, very much! Khaled March 9th, Chokran Jazilalan! Husseinkh July 20th, Lots of thanks, it did work great for me. Chris July 26th, Is it possible to do a raw read of the efi flash? And to flash it back to a device? With best regards Chris. Luis Stefanakys August 15th, Bad EFI September 18th, I give you my Feedback: I also faced the: So, I always managed to boot the MB, but with this chaotic start up process.

Then it allowed me to successfull run the comandyou thank you so much. Greetings by a Frenchy in Germany. Bjoern November 27th, This is the message I get: Gideon January 17th, Hi, I have an issue with my Macbook Air 4,1 Mid Am I doing something wrong?

Kristiaan Pipijn August 16th, Daniel Charles Klingensmith February 4th, Duza April 23rd, Gerrit July 15th, GTK02 March 25th, AC July 17th, Menis May 18th, Jose May 19th, September 11th, ManOfFury February 4th, Bklein March 4th, They have also abandoned the servers. The newest Xeon E v4 "Broadwell" which came out in March is a 22 core monster!

And if you look back to the v3 and E v2 they are 18 and 12 cores which are just not that useful for workstations as there clocks are slower and most apps are not able to take advantage of that many cores threads! I suspect the newer "Broadwell-EP" series is just not enough of an improvement for Apple to jump to. Sadly, thats not on Intel's roadmap in the E5 line, I suspect the E3 line will get the bump. The root issue is the CPU performance is still ahead on what the Apps we use today require for most of us.

The bottleneck today for most is still storage and RAM limitations. Both are expected to see big changes in the next year or so. Maybe we'll see something then! I see no reason for Sierra not to work on my Mac Pro since it will work on much, much lessor iMacs and Mac Books. See if you can create an external drive setup on a approved system and then see what happens when you use it to boot up under your Mac Pro. That should all be the same tutorial if my guess if correct: Show 6 more comments.

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I actually bypassed all of this by installing High Sierra on a mac pro and moving the hard drive to the Early Mac Pro 2 x 2. Running like a champ. Renaud Labracherie. So, you just boot on an external hard drive a clean El Capitan system and run the Mac Pro Firmware to perform the update? Sound great!

Could you just tell me i'm right? I'm going to do my first MacBook Pro today so I'll be going over the procedure again. I have not done this since I did mine last Sept-Oct so let me get back to you this evening. If I don't shoot me a reminder. I did my MP earlier this week, it went fine, running El Capitan, internal drive, no fresh one. Just make sure you turned off System Integrity Protection.

Has anyone directly answered Renoud Labracherie? I tried the RAM disk method and no changes several attempts Is there something we're missing? A step? Here's the list from above, made clearer. Download Mac Pro Firmware tool http: Drag the Mac Pro Firmware Tool. Once it is mounted on desktop, run Mac Pro Firmware tool. James Bechdel jamesroy. I can't get past the error on my early Mac Pro.

Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.4

I did the disable SIP and still no luck. George Milnes II g2only. You have to have bothe the Apple firmware and the Netkas utility on your desktop, as per my comment from today. January Anyone with a MacPro 4,1 and later has upgraded to dual 6 core processors and added a 8gb AMD graphics card because unlike the rest of the crap Apple produce, it can be upgraded.

So it is irrelevant what Apple say because they don't know their arsehole from their mouth. Under Install firmware as below douglasw use an external disk with osx with an earlier system like If it wont update or the fans are running at full speed then you may have faulty motherboard components, ram, tray, backplane board, processors have not seen processors this yet just badly installed or damaged cpu pins.

January 28 by mayer. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. I have read that all I need to do is update the firmware from 4,1 to 5,1 and I will be fine. Downloaded the update but I get Error when tying to run it. But it will only install on the Said to shut down and restart holding down the power button until it started flashing. The problem is the same as stated here: Mine is at the B07, so the EFI updater should work but still will not.

I will be trying an install on a 64 bit early MacBook Pro this weekend. Circle with bar. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Bob-are you in Recovery mode? That's necessary.

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Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Most Helpful Answer. Download Mac Pro Firmware tool 2. Download firmware for Mac Pro 5.

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In Recovery mode, click on "Utilities" and select Terminal 5. In Terminal, type csrutil disable 6. Press Return 7. Restart Mac Pro Run Updater: Once it is mounted on desktop, Run Mac Pro Firmware tool Shut down Mac pro. Once shut down, hold the Power Button until you hear a tone, and let go. Your computer will now upgrade firmware. Last steps.. Enable System Integrity Protection: Create new account. For late Mac minis. Follow This App Developer website: Download Now. See discussion.

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